Sharon Chmielarz

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Sharon Chmielarz interview and poetry readings

Sharon Chmielarz is interviewed by Vicki Palmquist for Authors in Perspective in February 2024. Please note: In the discussion of my Mozart research in Germany, I made a mistake in my monologue (!), saying it took six days to get to St. Gilgen from Salzburg. Actually it was 6 hours if the weather and roads permitted.

Sharon reads for the EP Foster Library series on zoom on Thursday, July 29, 2021. This is part of the Poetry at the Library series and the Ventura County Poetry Project.

“A Strange Falling,” poem from little eternities by Sharon Chmielarz, music by Bill Reichelt, animation by Wayne Nelsen

“The Boatman’s Wife,” poem by Sharon Chmielarz from The J Horoscope, music by Bill Reichelt, animation by Wayne Nelsen

Sharon Chmielarz reads at Grumpy Steve’s Coffee in St. Paul, MN, for the 2013 St. Paul Literary Festival