Sharon Chmielarz

listen and read

Wonder Woman at Seventy

for The Two Fat Ladies

No longer fitting into her hourglass costume—
valentine top and bottom—Wonderwoman
trades her bullet proof bracelets for a decent
lime squeezer and dons a smock in the kitchen.
Things don’t die, only change.

Like “garlic and ginger, a lovely mixture”
improves a cut of meat. Ditto “beloved rosemary,”
tucked under leg of lamb. The ending will be delicious.
All nettles extracted, all artichokes rubbed
with lemon so their tongues won’t blacken.

Like God, Wonder Woman has very few vices:
The garlic, the rosemary, a tall glass of gin,
bacon, laid in union-jack strips over an otherwise
dry hen. Rule Britannia! Just pop into the oven.
The bird begins, throatily, to sing.

from Calling, Loonfeather Press