Sharon Chmielarz' Riddles
Riddle #6
A couple of old dinks have many years together. I’ll call them A and B. B’s trundled along ignored except in emergencies. A’s always been babied for its thoughts while B was on its feet, the good donkey, disparaged for braying. On a Sunday afternoon, resting in bed is one of the rare times A admits they’re licked. B’s in a quilt and would like to nest all afternoon but is willing yet again to roll out into the old, upright, up-and-at ‘em position. They’re beyond making deals. At this stage A can offer nothing; A knows it’s pushed B. But B has also taken its share of the world’s delights.
Mind and Body
(One of the riddles from my next book Speaking in Riddles, Nodin Press, spring 2021)
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