The J Horoscope
Brighthorse Books, 2019

Look. A woman is writing on parchment, a scroll.*
We don't know her name. Her king, Solomon, has
died, and the whole country's going to hell under the
new king, Rehoboam. The year is 937 BCE. Banished
from the ring of political power, she grounds herself
by collecting the kingdom's ancient stories. Of the
four writers in Genesis, J is the one who delivers
the earthly creatures—Noah, Joseph, Jacob, Rachel,
et al—and, to paraphrase Pogo, they is us. Her cast
of characters includes the god Yahweh (or Jahweh)
who can appear in various guises. She's named J for
her intense interest in Yahweh's character.

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The J Horoscope
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