The Widow's House
Brighthorse Books, 2015

"Fisher's Club"

A roadside inn. Lakeside dive. Spiffed up.
End of a summer day. And I suppose 
I should be smiling beneficently 
at the families playing near the shore,
their plastic balls and splashes and chatter.  

But my eye pivots left to a couple; 
he is carrying her into the water.  
He’s strong enough, and she is light 
enough to be carried. I see
how she holds her own, hugging 
his neck, his chest steady as his arms.

I have never seen such a careful dunk,
half-dunk, as he gives her. That beautiful
play he makes lifting her from the water.

And I suppose I should be admiring
the sunset, all purple and orange and rose now.
Nice porch here, too. Yeah, great view.

But I have never seen such a loving
carrying as he gives her. Imagine 

being so light as to float 
above water in love.

Visibility: Ten Miles
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