little eternities
Nodin Press, 2017
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Ben Franklin Prize Silver Winner
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Lapidary, effortless, crystalline, and cocky, little eternities is a time machine. Step inside and find yourself on a journey with surprising turns and feints, words translating into wormholes, crossing centuries, tunneling through etymology, through music and art.
— Marsha de la O, Antidote for Night
I turned to the first page of little eternities and I was off and running, charmed and breathless, with a wide-ranging, deep-thinking poet who captures the elusive and overwhelming nature of time. Individual lines become brilliant little eternities, flowing images and memories that take us into history and science or the wonders of art and literature. 
— Freya Manfred, author of
Speak, Mother and other poems
little eternities is a book that burnishes the oldest questions into shiny new artifacts of wonder. Expansive curiosity and microscopic observations are both at work (and play) here, inviting us again and again to curlicue along “where birds/fly by, where movement/comes to go away, not knowing/gone is a word for everything seen.”

— Ed Bok Lee, Whorled

From modest positions–flesh, bone, spirit, and memory—Sharon Chmielarz’s poems proceed into and beneath the present, the past. They time-travel with a need to know. Be they about swatting flies at a summer cabin or insinuating oneself into a painting by Van Gogh, the poems say “This is how eternity works so far.”

— Richard Robbins, author of
Body Turn to Rain: New and Selected Poems

Sharon Chmielarz’s brilliant poems quietly push open gates that confine much of American poetry. They homestead outside the comfortable, predictable, and often constricting time/space continuum.
— Philip S. Bryant,
Stompin’ at the Grand Terrace, a jazz memoir in verse
little eternities
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